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Tree Removal Is Our Specialty

Our tree company has over 10,000 tree removals under our belt. We are more than qualified for any tree removal, tree trimming, tree cutting, or tree stump removal task you may have.  We have built a reputation in the Louisville tree service area for safely removing the most dangerous and hazardous trees around.

Our tree service specializes in tree care with efficiency. Let our tree crew handle your tree pruning demonstrating the proper techniques to cut trees.

If you have tree damage and need your tree cut down quickly, call us today. We are capable of tree removal service day or night, whatever the conditions may be. Our commitment to customer satisfaction sets us apart from other tree services.

Tree Removal

Tree Service

When it’s time to cut it down

Tree removal is perhaps the most dangerous aspect of the arboriculture industry. It requires a great deal of training and years of experience. The proper equipment to perform the tree take down.  Most importantly, it requires strict adherence to all industry safety standards.

Here at Climb-Ax Tree Service we are highly trained in the practice of tree cutting and removal. We have the expertise, experience, and working knowledge necessary to handle any tree removal project in the Louisville area.

24Hr Emergency Service

Trees are very susceptible to always changing weather in the Ohio valley. Having a tree fall down in your yard, on your car, or on your business during a storm can be a very unexpected experience. In such situations, it is important that you contact a reliable tree service that you can count on for excellent service, that will not price-gouge you during your time of need, and that will be available to help you immediately. 

Climb-Ax Tree and Crane Service is exactly this company. During times of emergency, we will arrive on scene as quickly as possible. If for whatever reason the tree cannot be dealt with right then and there, we will schedule the work to be done at the first available opportunity. Once we begin, you can count on us to apply our high standards of service and work quality to your project, as we do with every job. Most importantly, we will never take advantage of you by charging excessive prices in your time of need. While there are fly-by-night services that are looking for quick profits, Climb-Ax is an established part of this community with many vested relationships. Our goal is to serve the community in times of need.

Normally when struck by lightning, a tree acts as a conductor for the powerful electric surge. The goal of a tree lightning protection system, however, is to reroute the surge from off of the tree. We do so by building a system on the tree that attracts, conducts, and disperses the electricity. Strategically placed conductors draw the lightning and transmit it to a grounding system that safely disperses the energy into the surrounding soil. Thus by rerouting the lightning strike onto the system, the tree is spared and side flash is minimized.

Trees naturally produce deadwood as branches die and decay.

Removing dead branches from your tree is a necessary action to avoid damage to your property.  This may prevent a injury to anyone that might be hit by one of these dead branches. Thinning is virtually the same as structural pruning.

An addition would be to selectively remove limbs to create less wind resistance in trees that are too full. A tree that is too full will catch the wind like a sail and uproot the tree more easily. In trees where at least 30% sun does not show through, there is an increased chance for wind damage. A proper thinning job removes strategically positioned limbs to allow for strong future branch development while increasing the passage of wind through the crown.

Dead limb removal is perhaps the most important maintenance needs for pin oaks and ash trees. An abundance of small dead twigs routinely afflicts these species. Deadwood is still connected the interior of the parent limb or trunk and continues to siphon water from the tree. Sort of like if you remove the glass from a kerosene lamp, raise the wick and allow it to evaporate. Water keeps evaporating from deadwood all season long. Removing all the deadwood from a pin oak, including the fine 1/2 inch pieces will make the tree enormously more efficient. Increasing growth with less water. Faster growth is a benefit because it is how the tree defends itself from disease and insects.