Emergency Tree Removal

Climb-Ax, LLP offers emergency tree removal and extraction services in Louisville, KY and surrounding areas 24/7.

Emergency Tree Removal in Louisville KY & Southern IN



Contact us first at 502-807-4001, anytime 24/7. Our rapid response will assist you with your tree removal insurance claim.  Our knowledgeable staff of insurance claim experts and arborists will help walk you through the process of the emergency tree removal. We will even tarp your roof if needed. 

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Louisville and Southern Indian experiences a wide variety of damaging weather from tornadoes and severe thunderstorms to ice storms. Trees are very susceptible to this extreme weather. Having a tree fall down in your yard, on your car, or on your business during a storm can be a very harrowing experience. In such situations, it is important that you contact a reliable tree service that you can count on for excellent service and that will be available to help you immediately.

During times of emergency, we will arrive on scene as quickly as possible. If for whatever reason the tree cannot be dealt with right then and there, we will schedule the work to be done at the first available opportunity. Once we begin, you can count on us to apply our high standards of service and work quality to your project, as we do with every job. Most importantly, we will never take advantage of you by charging excessive prices in your time of need. While there are fly-by-night services that are looking for quick profits, Climb-Ax, LLP is an established part of this community with many vested relationships. Our goal is to serve the community in times of need.

If you need 24 Hour Emergency Tree Service in the Louisville, KY area. Fill in the contact form below, Call or Text us at 502-807-4001.

Look no further for a emergency tree service near me!


When dealing with emergency tree removal in Louisville, KY, our first step is to assess the situation. This requires a professional team to inspect the tree and determine its condition. Once it is established that the tree is a apparent danger, the next step is to plan the removal. This involves identifying the location of the tree and any obstacles that may hinder the removal process.
During the removal process, the team uses specialized equipment such as cranes, chainsaws, ropes, tree rigging equipment to remove the tree safely. Climb-AX works carefully to avoid any damage to property or harm to people in the area. After removal, the team clears the debris and possibly the stump, leaving the area neat and clean.
The cost of emergency tree removal in Louisville, KY varies depending on the size and condition of the tree and the complexity of the removal process. However, it is worth noting that emergency tree removal is a necessary expense when dealing with hazardous situations.
In conclusion, emergency tree removal is an essential service in Louisville, KY & Southern Indiana. It ensures the safety of people and property in the event of hazardous tree situations. Hiring professionals to carry out the removal process is highly recommended to avoid the risks involved. As a city, it is essential to ensure emergency tree removal services are readily available to prevent any tragic incidents, thus making Louisville KY and Southern IN a safe place to live.

We are capable of performing tree service in the dark.

We have the proper equipment to perform a complete tree removal project after the sun sets.  With our emergency light towers we can provide enough light to safely remove a downed tree from your house or power lines.  To prevent further damage caused by lack of electricity or potential water damage to your home or business.  We are a true 24 HR emergency tree removal service provider in Louisville, KY.

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When Texting us please provide us with your full name, full address with zip code, email, and a few photos if possible to streamline the process of reaching out to you for your emergency tree removal needs.

We want your confidence in our company, our company is accredited with the Better Business Bureau. Please feel free to check out our BBB customer reviews.


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