Brush Removal

brush removal

A pile of brush waiting for removal.



Brush Removal

We are often called by customers asking us to remove brush from their property.  Brush removal can be performed easily under the right circumstances.  Often property owners think they might be saving themselves some potential money by cutting the material up themselves.  This is not necessarily true when a brush removal bid is requested. Limbs and logs can be handled much easier in the chipper in long lengths. If you have logs they can be craned out.

Please do not over complicate the work to be performed by your brush removal contractor. Even piling brush can make it difficult to remove from your property.  Please allow us to provide you with a brush removal estimate before you try to tackle any of the work on your own.  We might be able to save you hundreds, possibly thousands of dollars by bidding the brush disposal project first. Call Climb-Ax Tree for your brush removal needs at 502-807-4001 or fill in our contact form.

Clearing, cutting, and removing brush, such as small trees, briers, brush piles, any other undesirable undergrowth, can be very time consuming and difficult. This is generally a task most people do not want to tackle on their own. At Climb-Ax Tree Service we have the resources and equipment to handle this kind of project, especially in conjunction with tree removal.

We are able to transform your property from an overgrown mess into a tidy, uncluttered area. In addition, clearing underbrush and thinning out tree stands that are too dense opens up airflow, which can help control vermin and insects such as mosquitoes, and creates valuable new space for additional plantings, play areas for children, or even room for something like a shed or workshop. Contact us today to learn more about our brush removal and clearing services.

We want your confidence in our company, please feel free to check out our BBB customer reviews.