We do less damage to your property when performing tree removal!

When it comes to tree removal in Louisville Ky, property owners and insurance companies like Climb-Ax Tree Service.  Our equipment used when performing tree removal is safe, maintained, and low impact.  Emergency tree extraction from your house or building causes less damage to your property.  Less damage means less payout to finish the job.

Climb-Ax is the most qualified tree removal Louisville Ky contractor.

We have the right tools to perform the tree job in a timely manner. Healthy trees have both a financial and environmental impact. Trees actually increase the value of your property as well as provide energy savings and air quality benefits for us. We are environmentally responsible and recommend removals only out of absolute necessity. We can help identify alternative solutions before suggesting the removal of a tree.

We use cranes to lift and lower the material in controlled fashion. This is a much better approach than dropping the heavy logs on the property or stabbing the ground. There are only a few tree services in Louisville that own cranes, other try to rent them or subcontract them.  This is a sign of lack of experience in tree removal or professionalism in the industry.

If you are looking for reliable outfit for tree removal Louisville K call the pros at 502-807-4001.