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A Louisville tree removal contractor and tree service company.

Choosing a Louisville tree company shouldn’t have to be so difficult. Call the pros at Climb-Ax™ tree service to schedule your free estimate. 


Not just another tree company

Climb-Ax™ tree service company continues to lead the way in tree removals in Louisville.  We always bring the proper equipment and manpower for your tree removal.  Our tree company can get rid of your hazardous trees and unsightly stumps, without causing property damage.

Tree company shop located in Louisville, Ky.
tree company working in snow and ice

Our tree company working in the snow and ice.

Our tree company owns the proper equipment to perform the job.

  • Cranes that are both off-road and on-road
  • Large capacity chippers
  • Large capacity chip trucks
  • Semi-trucks and chip trailers
  • Remote controlled Track Mounted stump grinders
  • Beast Grinder
  • Bobcats
  • Excavator
  • Portable Sawmill
  • Mutiple chainsaws of every size
  • Numerous rigging, safety tools and equipment, ropes, devices, etc.

Unlike most of the other tree services in Louisville, we don’t have to wait for a subcontracted crane or other company to perform a portion of your tree work.  Let us show you are expertise in your next tree removal project.  Are estimates on tree services are always free of charge.  With so many tree companies in Louisville to choose from, call Climb-Ax Tree and Crane Services for a tree quote.  Our tree company will not leave you disappointed.

Climb-Ax tree service company



CLIMB-AX, LLP Louisville Tree Service

This elm tree was completely dead, and posed a risk to houses and vehicles driving down the road.

Our tree service equipment out performs the competition.

Our tree service company is a Limited Liability Partnership and was established in 2003.

Here at CLIMB-AX, LLP Louisville Tree Service, we are dedicated to you and all of your different tree service needs.

We’ve been around for over 11 years and are one of the best tree company services in Louisville.



We are tree removal experts.

We know it’s often hard to figure out how to determine your tree’s health. Let us help you with a free consultation.  We will point out those identifying factors of tree health that only an arborist would know.

large dead tree removal

We can reach any tree that needs to be removed.


Our professional and reliable service includes:

  • A free no-obligation discussion about your tree service requirements
  • Fixed contract fees agreed in advance, no down payments
  • Personal attention to your property
  • Same day emergency service, normally within 2 hours
  • ANSI Z133  technical expertise
  • Insured for you protection with Workman’s Comp
  • Free Estimates
  • Tree removal payment types

    All forms of payment are accepted for our tree removal service.

Questions you should ask when choosing a tree company for service:

Q: Are you insured?
A: Yes, we have full Workman’s Compensation coverage and $2 million liability insurance.
Q: Is Climb-Ax a locally owned and operated tree service?
A: Yes, we are a locally owned and operated tree service in Louisville, Ky.
Q: How much experience does the team have in tree removal and other services?
A: Our team has been with us from the start of our company in 2003. We have successfully removed thousands of trees with years of experience.
Q: What sets you apart from the other tree services?
A: We are one of the only tree services in Louisville who owns a crane. We have also invested millions of dollars in our equipment to maximize efficiency.
Q: Do you specialize in residential or commercial tree services?
A: Both. Although most of our work is residential, we have gained commercial experience, too. A few commercial tree service projects include services for Verizon Wireless, Louisville Airport Authority, Cricket Wireless, and Lincoln Memorial Park.

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Large tree removed